Game Fair 2014 in Minnesota

Stop by our booth at Game Fair to see what is new with Dogtra.


JULY 4th Fireworks and your dog.

Many dogs dislike loud noises from Fireworks that happen on the 4th of July.  Even trained gun dogs that have experienced loud blasts from a shotgun, can become anxious over the thundering sound of July 4th Fireworks.  Here are a few tips to make life easier for your dog during this time.

Confine your dog in an area where they will be buffered from the noise such as your basement.  A radio or TV playing medium to loud to disguise the fireworks booming will also help.  If you are going out to attend a Fireworks show, leave the dog back home.   Also… be prepared, and have a plan.  Most fireworks begin at dark, so the dog should be in a buffered area prior to the Fireworks starting.  At my home in Minnesota, most start right at 10PM.    Good luck and happy 4th of July.




RFG Showcase event – June 12th/13th.

The RFG Showcase event is June 12/13th in Minneapolis.  We will have our new StarWalk pet activity monitor on hand as well as a full line of Dogtra and iQ Pet e-collars.  Professional Trainer Pete Fischer will be at the booth on Thursday to answer dog training questions.  
Thursday – June 12th, 9AM until 5PM & Friday, June 13th 9AM until 1PM
DoubleTree Hilton - 7800 Normandale Blvd, Bloomington, MN 55439

New StarWalkStarWalk



Thank you from Freedom Hunters

Freedom Hunters reflects the outdoor community’s appreciation to the troops by taking select active duty and combat veterans on outdoor adventures.  With help from conservation groups, outfitters, corporations, state agencies and land owners, Freedom Hunters will honor individuals from all branches of the Military.  It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that Freedom Hunters will carry on the American tradition of hunting and fishing with active military personnel across the United States.

Led by Bud DePlatchett, the group from Freedom Hunters stopped by the Dogtra booth at the SHOT Show and presented us with a U.S.A. Flag and certificate for Dogtras contributions.  The Flag was flow over the 463rd Veterinary Treatment Facility at Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan.  The Veterinary Treatment facility cares for injured K9′s that are used as IED Bomb detection dogs.

This is a great organization and Dogtra is proud to be a supporter of  the cause.  For more information on Freedom Hunters, please visit.





Shot Show 2014

Attending the SHOT Show and looking to put some “Bite” in your dog training?  We are at booth #1253, please stop by and see whats new with Dogtra.

Dogtra offers a complete line of e-collars designed for Police K-9′sScreen Shot

Harley Jackson… American Gun Dog TV Show

Harley 1

My name is Harley Jackson and I am the head fishing and bird hunting guide at Victory Ranch located in Kamas, UT.  I hosted American Gun Dog, a show about gun dogs that aired on ESPN, Outdoor Channel, and Sportsman Channel for 7 years. I have been finding and guiding wild birds for recreation and work for almost 20 years. In all those years I have used almost every e collar available to mankind and have found that Dogtra has proven to be the most versatile and durable E collars on the market.

I have been using the 2500 T&B for almost 10 years now, and rely on the units to work well almost every day of the year. I have 9 pointing dogs from 10 months to 13 yrs old and the 2500 has the diversity, range, and durability to perform and perform well, every day.

I hunt, guide and run dogs on all wild birds…from Ruffed and Blue grouse, to Hungarian and Chukar partridge, to Valley and Gamble Quail.  The 2500 T&B handles all of these birds perfectly. The 2 different tones on the double collar, the range of stimulation, and the range at which the remote can operate beepers,  allows the dogs to handle and point all these wild birds in all different  scenarios that are thrown their way. It makes my job of handling experienced, older dogs to training puppies so much easier and pleasant. These collars are crucial tools of my trade and I rely on them almost every day of the year. I will only use and only recommend the best collars available, and that is DOGTRA!

Harley 3


Harley 5

2013 Master National Retriever event.

On September 19th, myself and Field Staffer Todd Ritter headed to Kansas and for the 2013 Master National Retriever event.  The Master National has turned into one of the largest, if not the largest dog event in the world.  700 retrievers from all across the country came for the week long event.  Dogtra is one of the proud sponsors of the event and has been for a number of years.  Congratulations to all of the entrants and a special thanks for all the trainers that have been loyal users of Dogtra e-collars over the years.


Dogtra Pro-staffer Rody Best getting to run.IMG_2036


One of the Dogtra tents at the event.  IMG_1595


Trainer Dan Kielty sporting a Dogtra cap.IMG_Dan.Kielty



Training your dog… just one “CliQ away

Introducing the new “CliQ” 


The clicker is a simple training tool that helps shape your dog’s basic obedience. Pair this with an e-collar to curb unwanted behaviors and you have the iQ CLiQ: the first complete and truly innovative dog training system on the market today. By using a clicker to build new skills, and remote collar stimulation to achieve off-leash reliability, you can enhance your relationship with your dog and help him succeed as a valued companion.

The iQ CLiQ combines tools used by professional dog trainers in a compact handheld transmitter that fits comfortably in your pocket, or around your neck with a lanyard. Our collars are made to fit a variety of neck sizes comfortably and can be cut down to size. They also come in a variety of colors for complete customizability while housing our fully waterproof, up to IPX7, receiver with technology trainers can depend on.

For more information on the new CliQ, please visit

See what pet trainers are saying about the new CliQ.

Worlds most durable e-collar

This past month we received the letter below and photos from Dogtra customer Russ Borstad of Madison, Minnesota. Russ lost his Dogtra 1600 unit back in 2010. I think you will find his story amazing and also a true testament to the durability of Dogtra e-collars.

Russ’ Dogtra 1600 unit after being in a corn field for almost 3 years, of 90 plus degree summer temperatures and -30 Minnesota winters and it still works!!

Russ and his English Setter.

Six absolutes about using the e-collar

By Robin MacFarlane

As a professional dog trainer I find it wise to avoid thinking in terms of absolutes. Always and Never are words that have gotten most of us into trouble from time to time. Just when you believe something will Always work…you end up finding out otherwise.

I know I’ve certainly found that to be the case when it comes to training dogs. Most of my answers to training questions start with the words “it depends on…”. However, when it comes to considering adding a remote collar to your dog’s training protocol, I am going to risk it and share a list of Always and Nevers for you to follow.

Six Absolutes About Using a Remote Collar for Training Your Dog:

1. Never purchase a remote collar as a “last resort” because you are frustrated with your dog and you are ready to “show him once and for all”. That kind of thinking is not what you build a great relationship on. Instead, purchase a remote collar because you are ready to invest the time and energy teaching your dog what you expect and building a better partnership.

2. Always start your collar conditioning in an area with few distractions. This allows you to use the lowest possible setting to get your dog’s attention and teach your dog how to respond properly to the commands and stimulation. After you have completed the collar conditioning process then you can begin working in more distracting environments with higher challenges present.

3. Never assume your dog will automatically understand how to respond to the stimulation. Even if your dog has had lots of training with other tools and methods previously, the first time you use the e-collar is still the first time your dog has any experience with it. You must start at the beginning and do the e-collar conditioning. We wouldn’t expect an English professor to automatically know how to read Chinese either…there is a learning curve involved!

4. Never begin e-collar conditioning off leash. Your dog does not automatically know how to respond to the stimulation so a leash or dragline ensures you have a way to assist and help your dog be successful.

5. Always be in the right frame of mind when you are working with your dog. If your attitude is one of frustration or anger, it will travel down the leash. If you are uncertain about how to use any training equipment, get educated. We wouldn’t consider buying great tools to fix our car if we had no idea how the engine is put together so take some time to learn about your dog’s mind. Learn how he perceives and processes information, then use your new knowledge to practice with patience and a positive attitude.

6. Always incorporate rewards into your dog’s training. A retrieve, food, some freedom, your praise and affection, these are all things dogs find rewarding. We all work and perform to improve our situations in life. So does your dog. If he understands what he gets in return for behaving appropriately he will be an enthusiastic and willing partner.

There you have it. Those are six keys I will solidly stand behind as the Always and Never rules of remote collar training. Beyond that, pretty much everything falls in the category response of “it depends”. ;-)

Happy Training ~ Robin

Robin McFarlane is a professional dog trainer from Dubuque Iowa. Robin specializes in all breed dog training, emphasizing obedience and the proper use of the e-collar. For more information on her and her business, see

Her very popular DVD’s “Just Right” a step by step guide to e-collar training, can be purchased at