Just wow much stimulation an e-collar truly gives to the dog is a very common question. Here’s an easy to understand graph from The Partnership for Electronic Training Technology (PETT) a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the average consumer on the safe use of electronic collars.

Check out their website and learn more at http://www.pettpartnership.com/



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Service dog training with Navy Seal Mike Ritland

Nice article in Mens Journal on service dog training. I chatted with the trainer Mike Ritland today as he uses Dogtra. Talented trainer, soft spoken and a great American soldier.  http://www.mensjournal.com/…/a-navy-seals-5-tips-to-train-y…

 Update….  Mike is using the new Dogtra ARC for his training and is impressed with the unit. “The new Dogtra ARC is a phenomenal piece of gear. I love the low profile receiver, and the fine tune adjustability of the transmitter is everything you would expect from Dogtra. I only use Dogtra collars and anticipate that the ARC will be my “go to” collar.” ~ Mike Ritland




SHOT Show 2015 just around the corner

We are looking forward to the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas (January 20-23).  If you are attending, please stop by and see what is new from the Worlds Finest e-collar company.  We are booth #1253 on the main level.


Professional dog trainers Pete Fischer and Robin MacFarlane will be on hand as well as the staff from Dogtra.  Look forward to seeing you!



Dogtra’s newest unit – Edge RT

Dogtra’s Edge RT

edgert_front cover

Dogtra’s newest member of the Edge family is called the Edge RT.  It offers low to high stimulation, three dog expandable, combination buttons, one mile range and a whole lot more.  Watch the video to learn more.

Video Link here:  Dogtra’s Edge RT



ARC Ice Bucket Challenge

September 15, 2014

We here at Dogtra like to test everything EXCEPT your patience.  So when we decided to test our new ARC unit we put it through some extreme temperature tests.

Test Number One:

Into the cold....

Into the cold….


ARC ice bucket challenge…

The unit was submersed in water that was approximately 32 degree water for 30 minutes.  The battery life icon on the handheld transmitter was 3 bars at the beginning of the test and dropped to 2 bars after the test.  Both collars/receivers activated and work after the test.  The orange unit had a green LED and black collar/receiver started green and turned to red LED but is still working.

 Test Number Two:

Cooking the ARC

Cooking the ARC

Out of the Ice and into the Fire!

Approximately 10 minutes after the cold water test, we started the hot water test.

The unit was submersed in 100 degree water for 20 minutes.  The handheld transmitter was at 2 bars and working fine.  It had not been charged for a couple of days.

The orange collar/receiver showed green LED, and is working fine.

We allowed the units to dry out over the next 2 days.  Then we plugged in the units charged them up and tested on the dogs and all parts are working flawlessly!


Tested by Pete Fischer

Game Fair 2014 in Minnesota

Stop by our booth at Game Fair http://www.gamefair.com to see what is new with Dogtra.


JULY 4th Fireworks and your dog.

Many dogs dislike loud noises from Fireworks that happen on the 4th of July.  Even trained gun dogs that have experienced loud blasts from a shotgun, can become anxious over the thundering sound of July 4th Fireworks.  Here are a few tips to make life easier for your dog during this time.

Confine your dog in an area where they will be buffered from the noise such as your basement.  A radio or TV playing medium to loud to disguise the fireworks booming will also help.  If you are going out to attend a Fireworks show, leave the dog back home.   Also… be prepared, and have a plan.  Most fireworks begin at dark, so the dog should be in a buffered area prior to the Fireworks starting.  At my home in Minnesota, most start right at 10PM.    Good luck and happy 4th of July.




RFG Showcase event – June 12th/13th.

The RFG Showcase event is June 12/13th in Minneapolis.  We will have our new StarWalk pet activity monitor on hand as well as a full line of Dogtra and iQ Pet e-collars.  Professional Trainer Pete Fischer will be at the booth on Thursday to answer dog training questions.  
Thursday – June 12th, 9AM until 5PM & Friday, June 13th 9AM until 1PM
DoubleTree Hilton - 7800 Normandale Blvd, Bloomington, MN 55439

New StarWalkStarWalk



Thank you from Freedom Hunters

Freedom Hunters reflects the outdoor community’s appreciation to the troops by taking select active duty and combat veterans on outdoor adventures.  With help from conservation groups, outfitters, corporations, state agencies and land owners, Freedom Hunters will honor individuals from all branches of the Military.  It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that Freedom Hunters will carry on the American tradition of hunting and fishing with active military personnel across the United States.

Led by Bud DePlatchett, the group from Freedom Hunters stopped by the Dogtra booth at the SHOT Show and presented us with a U.S.A. Flag and certificate for Dogtras contributions.  The Flag was flow over the 463rd Veterinary Treatment Facility at Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan.  The Veterinary Treatment facility cares for injured K9′s that are used as IED Bomb detection dogs.

This is a great organization and Dogtra is proud to be a supporter of  the cause.  For more information on Freedom Hunters, please visit. http://www.freedomhunters.org